Radio Frequencies

Some radio walkie-talkie has a proprietary "codes" of the channels they are connected on.

Essentially, these are not any special codes, but just an ordering numbers 0~99 where each number corresponds to a specific frequency. The problem is that these proprietary radios do not provide any alternative way to directly specify certain frequency, leading often to a situation that no one knows what exact frequency is on the specific "code number" on the radio.

Walkie-talkie from e.g. Baofeng, where there are no such "codes" by default, but all these frequencies are set directly, often needed to be programmed ahead with CHIRP. So a user of Baofeng radio can further set, say 446.00625 to a code 120, which would correspond to a code P1 on Midland G7, for example. However, if CHIRP wasn't used or the radio was not prior programmed, here is a helper mappings what frequencies are behind those "codes".

Usage is simple. Someone with e.g. G7 Midland can say "I am on P1", so you can look it up and find out that he is actually on 446.00625 frequency.

As simple as that!

G7 Midland

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