Dark Emergency 4

The "Dark Emergency 4" event was a four day adventure event for everyone, who loves to wear camo uniform and fire bullets. A lot of bullets. Of course, those bullets might only rarely leave on your face some short-term negative memories, but nothing else. Event was consisting of two main classic sides: The Good Guys were trying to defeat The Bad Guys. The Good Guys were consisting of few parts and were joining each other or turned against each other. The good news for The Good Guys is that sometimes they are very big and sometimes they are damn very big. The bad news is that sometimes they have more enemies than expected. Nobody understands those damn politics, but you've got the picture.

As a separate posting, you can find a photo gallery about this event.


Location of the event was chosen in a wonderful place near Magdeburg at an old Soviet military base. Right now it serves a place where tank drivers are trained. Geographically, the place is equally reachable from the entire Germany corners as well as the nature was great to be there.

What we could wish for? A different time, maybe. Something like a bit towards the Summer. Making this event during the crazy capricious April doesn't cut very well: too cold for fun overall, unless you are a bad ass commando and love to sleep in a negative temperatures. Well, at least it wasn't raining... uhm... too much...


From the organizational point of view it was just amazing. Yes, it was!

Overall boarding, showers, toilets, place, camping area, security, gaming place, food and beverage, shops... everything! Kudos to the organization team! We have to say it was really great experience how everything was organized. Thank you a lot, guys. Especially great was shower cabins: they were compact, clean, nice and effective. Warm shower after an exhausting time is a great idea! If the weather would be a little bit warmer evenings, would be just perfect. The hot shower was funny though and totally unusable: 100 Celsium degree boiled water on your face can only make you real tortured. Well, but not many understood that this idea was for cooking your enemies. Probably?

However, there is also a downside part of the organization. The website and the whole online resource was literally that bad. That it is totally randomly broken website itself, it is not that big issue. But the online published rules were very that different from the actual rules. As an example, online rules were banning all full-auto (0.5J) weapons, while in reality it was not true! Oh, well... What a shame. Full-auto could be a definite game changer! Another problem, for example, was with the beverage: online rules was forbidding bringing with yourself your bought beer, while in reality it was only forbidden to bring it to the public place in front of the scene. But you still could enjoy best Bavarian beer near your tents. Not to mention that finding route with the address was usually easier on onrelated websites, where 3rd teams were just joining the event.

Our wishes that the next time this be addressed properly. I am sure, organizers can handle that great.


Stormwolves team was a part of KGG, or "The Bad Guys". The official results of the game are pretty clear: KGG lost. But let me still ask you: did they?

Consider this. The whole flow of the game wasn't close or even nearly close to the actual reality. Well, OK, the airsoft isn't any close to the reality by definition, but if you scale it, then kind of, could be. Instead, this time it was more like an Unreal Tournament (or Quake or Doom) first-person shooter computer game. You can just respawn in unlimited time and this is very cheap idea. Therefore, when "The Good Guys" or GOF were start losing their positions (and they were), then GOF just started "throwing meat" at KGG. Here, you have it.

Such "tacticool" scenario is basically no tactics at all. This is simply "kill one at all cost and die". Simple. Easy.

Since GOF was as twice as bigger, this cheesy "tactics" works just as fine. But if there would be a ten times bigger area for playing, such approach would not be very helpful, since every "dead" would be required to walk to the respawn place quite a distance in kilometers! At least good for burning calories, after all. However, since the field was relatively compact, it was not a problem to walk another five hundred meters and do the same "all cost kill" all over again and again.

Fact is, KGG was significantly smaller then "The Good Guys". Like as twice as smaller. On top of that, The Good Guys were also collaborating with the militia, or "civilians". Civilians, in a theory, supposed to periodically fight for both sides, depends on bribing efficiency. If General of a particular team bribe them enough, they are friends. For another twenty minutes. However, in reality, they were mostly fighting on the side of "The Good Guys" and used time of being enemy of good only in order to come closer to "The Bad Guys" and then start shooting at them. So it wasn't very much helping for them to get Darth Vader's cookies as a reward and KGG by a default always were shooting them.

But, to be fair, militia sometimes supported KGG. Sure. Like this:

Very helpful, isn't it?

On the bad side, GOFs were also cheating a lot, having Duncan MacLeod's immortality. Especially, when KGG was kicking their butt like hell. We, ourselves, caught few times a fact when "yellows" that we've shot in the back multiple hits and saw how BBs are bouncing from them, yet they were continue playing, running away. This is not cool. This time GOF's General met KGG's knife, but the next time we will kill your General with a Tea Cup. :-)


The following wishes for the Dark Emergency 5:

  • Hey! Don't be a pussy (cat). Allow max 2J for the semi-auto! At least we can get ya from behind the leaves if you are sitting more than 50 meters away.

  • Do not ban any full-auto 0.5J weapons. Full-auto is really fun and is a good performant even in the wood land.

  • But allow only low-cap mags on 0.5J! That will stop cowboys from bringing "snow" to the ground.

  • Make it a bit later, closer to the Summer. So it won't be dog-cold overnite and in case of rain, won't be a catastrophy.

We had a lot of fun! You should join next time, if you haven't.

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